Upcoming Parliamentary Debate On Our Petition

Thank you to everyone for helping to get our petition over the 100k signatures target, now it will be debated in Parliament.

The petition committee has informed us the debate will be schedule for late November at the earliest.  

Here is how you can help now to make the debate a success 

STAGE 1 – from NOW until the debate is scheduled

For full details on how to do it (honest it’s simple) Click Here

Send our automated email to your MP explaining why they must attend the debate:

Ask your family, friends and neighbours to send the email, the more letters the MPs receive the more our debate will be noticed.

Please share the reply from your MPs with us: hello@thecampbeagle.com

This help us to assess which MPs are supportive and what lies are telling the MPs still in favour of animal testing.

STAGE 2 – once the petition debate is scheduled

Usually petition debates are scheduled two weeks ahead, so we will only have about 15 days to email MPs for a SECOND time. This email will include the debate briefing.

This document will provide MPs with all the arguments, data and evidence to support our petition to end toxicology testing on animals during the debate.

We will publish a link to the email with the briefing once the debate has been scheduled.

Thank you to everyone for engaging in this political campaign, remember politicians hold the power to change the way chemical products are tested in this country.

The Camp Beagle Team