MBR Acres – Puppy Factory Supplying Toxicology Testing Labs

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Covert footage of beagle puppies bred for contract toxicology testing

Camp Beagle

A non-stop protest camp, started June 2021, outside MBR Acres Ltd, Britain’s biggest beagle puppy factory supplying toxicology testing labs. The camp is the heart of a lawful campaign, calling to shut down the 8 acre puppy factory and ban animal testing in the UK with a switch to modern, proven non-animal methods.

Camp Beagle is a lawful campaign of industry exposure, public awareness and political pressure challenging this outdated industry and the ageing legislation it relies on.

Animal experimentation and toxicity testing hide behind government backed secrecy embedded in 40 year old legislation, the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, which states that we are not allowed to know what goes on inside animal experimentation establishments and that animal welfare regulations do not apply to these animals. These two facts speak volumes about the nature of what is being concealed.

Non Animal Methods are the way forward.

The UK is dragging its heels behind the US who have just made it no longer mandatory to use animals for regulatory testing. This is due to advances in modern science and the proven superiority of Non Animal Methods (NAMS) which are more effective, efficient and compassionate.