Camp Beagle is an animal rights protest group wholly run by volunteers. Everyone involved in this campaign offers their time, skills and commitment on a voluntary basis. 

Nobody receives payment. 

All donations go towards the essential costs of running a camp 24/7, 365 days a year on the side of the road, and towards supporting our relentless campaign to close down MBR Acres.

Some of the physical camp expenses covered your kind donations are: hired toilets, gas, petrol for generator, batteries, food, repairs, etc.  Some of the campaigning expenses covered are: printing leaflets, postage of campaigning material, banners, megaphones, etc.

In order to maintain financial transparency we publish our accounts every month – to view these Click Here

Bank Account Details

Sort Code: 30-99-50
Account No: 23845860
Account Name: Friends of CB – Lloyds Bank

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Camp Beagle’s PayPal account is

Please note that Camp Beagle does NOT have the facility of Standing Orders in favour of Camp Beagle – If you have monthly donations either by Bank Transfer or by PayPal to ‘Camp Beagle’ the donation is NOT coming to us therefore we would urge you to contact your bank.

Thanks in advance.

The Camp Beagle Team