The Supporters of Camp Beagle are Amazing – FACT

When you at Camp Beagle you sometimes think that you are in a Bubble – what keeps Camp going 24/7 is the much valued and appreciated support of like minded activists who visit, share, like, comment and spread the word of the plight of the MBR Beagles.

It has never been Camp’s way of directly asking supporters for Donations (or the ‘D’ word as we refer to it as) as we strongly believe that supporters should do so, if they wish, without promoting, guilt tripping people or camp putting out the begging bowl.

Last week we put a post out to launch our appeal to get through our 3rd Winter outside the gates of MBR Acres.

To date we have been truly overwhelmed by your generosity – Thank You

Your donations have enabled us to order the much needed insulation for our lounge tent which will be installed this week making the anticipated sub-zero temperatures even bearable!

Further updated will be posted regarding essential equipment and supplies which will take us through Winter so ‘watch this space’.

The Camp Beagle Team