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From two…

Camp Beagle started with just two amazing protestors, deciding not to go home after a demo at MBR Acres. From their single selfless act, Camp Beagle was born.

Once you have been to Camp Beagle, it is a sight and sound that never leaves you, it forever changes you.

Camp Beagle is now home to many activists as well as many day visitors… all are welcome at any time. 




…to a cast of thousands

From just two protestors’ initial stand against this horrific torture and abuse, thousands and thousands of like-minded souls have come together to help close down MBR Acres and take a step towards ending vivisection in the UK for good!

Everyone at Camp Beagle is so marvellously different but we all come together with ONE GOAL. Please come and join the thousands working towards shutting down MBR for good.


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