Debate Scheduled – Time to Email Your MP!

The parliamentary debate for our petition has now been scheduled for Monday 19th February 2024. It is vital you use one of our methods below to write to your MP urging them to attend the debate. MPs are duty bound to respond to their local constituents.

Method 1: Semi-automatic MP Emailer

  1. Look up your local MP’s email address
  2. Click here to open a pre-composed email
  3. Enter their email address, their name, your name and your postcode.
  4. Click Send!

Method 2: The Manual Email Method

  1. Look up your local MP’s email address
  2. Open a new email on your device.
  3. Enter their email address in the ‘To’ box.
  4. Enter the Subject: Animal Testing Petition Debate.
  5. Copy the email message body using the grey button below.
  6. Paste it in to your email
  7. Fill in your MP’s name, your name and your postcode.
  8. Click Send.

Method 3: Print It Off and Post It

  1. Look up your local MP’s office address
  2. Download the letter
  3. Edit as necessary, print and post!

My Name:

My Address and Postcode:

Dear MP,

As your constituent I am writing to request you attend the below parliamentary debate on my behalf and that before attending you kindly familiarise yourself with the subject matter by way of reading the linked Summary Evidence Document.
The debate is scheduled as below:

Petition: End the use of animals for toxicity tests & prioritise non-animal methods (NAMs)

Debate Scheduled:
Monday 19th February 2024 at 4.30pm

Westminster Halls, Grand Committee Room

Summary Evidence Document

The petition raises the subject of prioritising modern scientific techniques collectively known as New Approach methodologies (NAMS) that do not require the use of animals to prove the safety of the same chemicals and drugs over and over again. The team behind the petition have worked extensively with key experts in their fields to create a briefing to provide a comprehensive overview of both the background, the current situation and how a new future could look. Headings of the document are below:

Summary Evidence
No explicit UK legal requirement
The Science and Non animal Methodologies (NAMs)
Toxicity Testing
Funding and The National Centre of the 3Rs (NC3Rs)

A key thing to stress is that the rote Government response to any member of the public that asks about the use of animals in science is factually inaccurate as is the formal response to the petition. The Government states: “In the UK it is required by law that all new drugs are tested within two species.” This is not true. On the 17th October 2023 Will Quince MP Minister of State Department of Health and Social Care responded to a written question by Giles Watling MP “There is no United Kingdom legislation that mandates animal testing.”

Why is the Government deliberately misleading the public and continuing to push the false narrative that animal testing is required by law? If you could respond to me below to let me know that you have received this information and indeed whether you are prepared to support me by attending I would be most grateful.

With thanks for your time.

Yours sincerely