In Memory of all of the Beagles Born at MBR Acres

Imagine how many beagle puppies have been born at MBR Acres destined for a life of pure misery, suffering and ultimate death by torture?

Each and every Beagle born at MBR Acres won’t have what ‘other’ beagle puppies would have, for example

√ The love and respect of a family

√ Taken for walks let alone feel grass beneath their paws or sunshine or rain on their young backs

√ To sleep in their own bed – when they want to – for how long they want to

√ Feeding from their own bowl as opposed to being fed from automated dispensers

√ Having their own lead, collar and above all, their own identity.

A NAME not a tattoo or barcode

The list goes on………

In memory of all the beagles born at MBR Acres Camp Beagle, together with a dedicated Supporter Chrissie, are producing ‘name tags’ on which a name, (which the poor beagles can only but dream of having) will be engraved thus remembering all of the beagles which have passed whilst also remembering what Camp Beagle is fighting for.

The ‘name tag’, printed both sides with a name of your choosing, will be attached to a used dog collar* and placed with others outside MBR Acres as a memorial and as a stark reminder to the MBR Workers each and every time they enter or leave the Puppy Hell that there are actual people in this world who care about animals and in particular Beagles.



To purchase a dedicated Name-Tag Click Here

Please ensure that your name of either your own dog a ‘MBR Beagle’ is clearly stated and the delivery address is stated (Either to your order address or direct to Camp Beagle)

Thank you

The Camp Beagle Team

* To those who have instructed the name tags to be sent direct to Camp Beagle