A Poem for the MBR Beagles

Camp Beagle’s inbox is normally full of enquiries ranging from questions from Press, how can people get involved in the campaign to how to get to camp – imagine our suprise when we received this from a supporter.

We feel this poem sums up the plight of the MBR Beagles perfectly – we hope that you agree.


The UK is a nation of animal lovers

Cats and dogs and all the others

But is the dog man’s best friend?

When I meet such an untimely end?


Beagle puppies born into cages

Treated worse than the dark ages

Never feeling the sun or rain

Living a life full of pain


At 16 weeks loaded in Impex Trucks

Leaving MBR Acres who don’t give two f*cks

Off to the vivisection laboratories

A life of love that I’ll never see!


White Coat men prod and poke

Tube down the neck makes me choke

Liquid down tube and sprayed in eyes

Nobody cares to hear my cries


No pain relief as wheeled off on a cart

Needles through the fur straight to the heart

Cried of pain as I whimper and plead

Taking my blood and making me bleed.


I’m no more use so put me down

Instead you bleed me out or make me drown

I’ve had no love since I was a pup

Even in death you cut me up


Your tests learn nothing from my broken body

96% of your pseudo science is plain shoddy

My beagle biology is different to man

It’s time for an animal testing ban


I’m a beagle puppy born at MBR

Now my life is just a twinkling star

This terrible life may all be legal

But it will soon be stopped, thanks to Camp Beagle.


Thank you, whoever you are, perfect!

The Camp Beagle Team

One thought on “A Poem for the MBR Beagles

  1. I have no words for the loathing I feel for the MBR Acres, they are beneath contempt. Beagles are such loving dogs and that is the reason they are the chosen breed for the unspeakable owners of MBR Acres. Every single person who is involved in this scandal must take personal responsibility for the cruelty shown to these beagle dogs regardless of their part and however small or large is their input.

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