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Coming to Camp Beagle

This is a broad campaign, with several fronts of action. But almost every person involved has started their journey by visiting Camp Beagle outside the puppy factory and taking a walk down the side of the site where you can stand a few feet from the breeding sheds where the dogs are confined 24/7. You can hear and smell the hectic and filthy conditions they live in, knowing that for up to 20 hours a day, there is not a single person on site with care-giving access to the dogs.

We hope that when you visit you can immediately feel like a part of the camp and contribute to what is the heart and soul of the campaign. Whether you live here or spend some time here, you feel you are in some way, with the dogs, by their side. For many, the experience inspires a commitment to fight for their freedom.

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Our online reach has seen a significant surge recently as celebrities are beginning to get behind the campaign. Most people think animal testing was banned years ago, and it only a takes a single social media post to boost awareness. Exposure is the Achilles’ heel of this secretive industry and targetting this is essential and effective.

We post daily on facebook and instagram, please share and also invite your friends to follow us, and tag in celebrities and influencers.

Media Content

Contribute to the image, artwork, articles, video and film content which are an essential part of education and awareness.

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Spread the word face to face in your home town. Leaflets and Placards are available to order direct from us. Get yourself a folding table, a few friends and spend a couple of hours each weekend walking the talk for the beagles in laboratories.

Government Petitions

Camp Beagle has brought two successful government petitions and recorded parliamentary debates, calling to end the use of animals in toxicity testing. The last debate in February 2024 showed, refreshingly, much more positive support from the attending MPs.

The petitions front is an ongoing process with the aim of keeping the debate going and building political pressure for the government to accelerate the switch to superior non animal methods. A summary of the debates is here.

Engage with your MP

We are calling on your help to build relationships with MP’s to ditch animal testing in favour of modern Non Animal Methods, and also to help you respond to the frustrating standardised responses many of you have been receiving from your MPs.

Therefore we are looking to recruit a force of constituents for every single MP in the UK who are willing to write, call or meet with their MP on behalf of all the MBR beagles being denied their rights by our laws.