Camp Beagle Whistleblower Phoneline

Do you or have you worked at MBR Acres?
Do you feel that time has come to expose your employers?

The whistleblower line is for current and ex-MBR staff to come forward and literally spill the beans on what happens behind the Gates of Hell.

Camp Beagle has set up a dedicated Whistleblower phone line which, like Camp Beagle itself, is manned 24/7 – 365 days a year.

We understand that MBR and indeed the whole of the vivisection industry is sworn to secrecy and confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure orders are in place but regardless we need to speak to you.

Rest assured that all calls are in complete confidence, false names can be given, no telephone numbers will be kept – Remember you call the shots.

07835 583 543

The Camp Beagle Team