Anyone Who Visits Camp Beagle are Legends

Anyone who takes the time and the trouble to come to Camp Beagle are seen as ‘Legends’ and are always welcomed with the now legendary mug of tea and slice of cake and, if they are up to it, the walk down the side of MBR Acres.

Some people, by their very nature and status, are equally welcomed but in today’s world of social media presence and influence by their very nature they can spread the word of the plight of the MBR dogs more effectively and quicker than Camp Beagle can ever do.

Imagine our delight to welcome Bianca Westwood of TalkSport and Sky TV fame. (Sunday 20th August 2023)

Our sincere thanks to Bianca and the posting of your video on Instagram promoting the Camp’s Petition – Legend!

There will always be a kettle on for you Bianca (Like everyone else!)

The Camp Beagle Team