Copenhagen Airport – MBR’s International Gateway to Hell

The shocking video footage of terrified beagles cowering inside the cargo holds of SAS planes at Copenhagen Airport show images never published before, and we would like to thank, with whom we have been working closely with for some time.

We have now put together a comprehensive report into the industrial levels of importation of beagles from MBR in the USA.

Via FOI request to the UK and Danish authorities we have gathered data for 6293 beagles bred for research purposes in the USA and then exported to various countries in Europe. We can now prove that Copenhagen airport is the vital HUB for this beagle trafficking business – all the beagles imported first arrive to Copengahen, from where they get distributed to the rest of Europe.

The data obtained provides details about the:

  • Breeders
  • Flight dates
  • Consignment sizes
  • Laboratories where they were taken to.

Camp Beagle have developed close working relations with campaigning groups throughout Europe and all of our data has been shared with them. Animal groups across Europe will launch their campaigns tomorrow (Tuesday 8th August 2023) and that is when the details of the campaign to stop torture flights will be announced. There are a lot more scandals which are going to emerge from this investigation. Today is the launch. Scandinavian Airlines, RAF-Avia, Copenhagen Airport, Manchester Airport and Marshalls take note – there is now a global coordinated effort to stop you profiting from the pointless suffering of sentient beings.

All dogs transported to Copenhagen airport have travelled in the hold of passenger flights – we have the relevant flight details. We had a wealth of intelligence, gathered from various sources, that had been built up over years, about the importation of beagles by Marshalls (and Envigo before they were shut down in the US) BUT now we have the documentary evidence to show the full scale of this dirty business. For example, we can now categorically prove that it is the airline RAF Avia, who transport the beagles into the UK from Copenhagen to Manchester airport.

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