1st September – International Primate Day

1st September on International Primate Day, we share this harrowing footage of inside Charles River torture laboratory in Trannent, Scotland.

Released by newly formed East Lothian Uncaged, alongside Camp Beagle. It is so rare to get any glimpse of inside these laboratories… You now become a witness to these, otherwise, hidden crimes.

Tomorrow, 2nd September 2023, is a Day of Action. There is a demo outside Manchester Airport to protest against the importation of primates to the torture labs from 12pm (noon) to 2pm and outside the toxicology labs. Charles river , Labcorp and inotiv are under federal investigation in the US for their involvement in illegal smuggling rings.

The world of animal testing really is one of dirty fingers in dirty pies. It is Manchester Airport, via Copenhagen, that MBR imports beagles, from their monstrous beagle factory in New York. Many thousands of those beagles go to the same Charles River laboratory, as the one where these few brief sad, tragic, harrowing glimpses of the macaques you are witnessing in this post.

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