Trust Forwarding the Logistics Company to the Vivisection Industry

The Vivisection is a Global money earner and within this evil industry there are small cogs in big wheels.

The major cogs being the likes of LabCorp, Sequani, Charles River and Marshall Bioresources to name but a few.

The small cogs, but equally as guilty, are the likes of Death Couriers IMPEX,and Logistics Company Trust Forwarding.

This post concentrates of Global Death Courier, Trust Forwarding.

Trust Forwarding is the logistics company that Marshall’s use to import beagles from the USA, via Copenhagen, destined for the notorious toxicology ‘Big Cogs; labs – LabCorp, Sequani and Charles River.

According to Trust Forwarding’s Website

“Our extensive experience shipping live animals ensures the journey is safe with minimal stress to the animal.”

“Your animals are in safe hands with Trust Forwarding.

We always aim to book on direct flights in order to prevent long transit times” …

but we know ALL the MBR beagles are never flown on direct flights.

Additional Information

Trust Forwarding merged with SGL, Scan Global Logistics in June 2023 and as such the Trust Forwarding website is not longer in operation.

So what to do?

Please POLITELY contact SGL by Email  and implore them to do the right thing and stop facilitating the Beagle Torture flights.

Thanks in advance.

The Camp Beagle Team