Camp Beagle Parliamentary Debate – 2 Weeks To Go

Camp Beagle’s petition to end toxicology testing on animals will be debated on 19th February alongside Will Young petition.

We have produced a letter to brief MPs on the scientific, moral, legal and financial arguments to support ending regulatory animal testing.

Please send our briefing letter to your MP, and ask your family and friends to send it too.

Briefing Letter – Click Here

The MBR beagles need all the help they can get.

AT A SURGERY meeting you can meet your MP in person to discuss the upcoming debate to end toxicity testing on animals, and the MBR beagles. Most MPs hold their surgeries once a week within their constituency, and advertise them on their website.

At the surgery you can show your MP the recent MBR whistleblower footage on your phone, as well as hand them our briefing evidence detailing all the reasons to support our petition to end animal toxicity tests and to move to non-animal methods.

The evidence show that Non-Animal Methods are superior to the old and failed animal model currently in use.

You can find the evidence supporting our briefing letter here:

Supporting Documentation

Whistleblower Footage

The Camp Beagle Team