Camp Beagle Talks – Monkey Massacre in Mauritius

Mansa is an educator by profession and the founder of Monkey Massacre in Mauritius. She’s been dedicated to Animal Rescue and Activism since 2013, and is former President of Youth Against Corruption, Mauritius.

In June 2023, her two passions joined together when she assisted foreign journalists in their investigation.

“I wasn’t aware of the extent of widespread and institutional corruption in the non-human primate supply chain internationally”

Monkey Massacre in Mauritius came into existence following this investigation, and leads an ongoing campaign of national and international scope.

“We are at one end of the supply chain and that makes us perfect whistleblowers for campaigners in countries at the other end.”



Sunday 11th February 2024 at 18.00

The online event will take place on Facebook, Instagram and our Zoom link