Home Office Issues MBR Acres New Project Licence

The project licence for MBR Acres and B&K (its sister company) to bleed and kill animals has been renewed for another 5 years.

The Home Office has only published a heavily redacted non technical summary of this new licence:

The new ‘licence to kill’ can be viewed by Clicking Here (Page 844)

Th previous licence was released by the Home Office via FOI in 2022 and can be viewed by Clicking Here

If you wish to request a copy of the new licence or the retrospective assessment report of the expired licence then please send an email to foirequests@homeoffice.gov.uk with Freedom of Information Request in the subject heading.

MBR Acres and B&K bleeding licence is for Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and Beagles from their breeding stock, as well as individuals who do not meet laboratories requirements.

This animals are placed under general anaesthesia and bled out until they die or are killed. Only a small number of beagles are kept alive inside MBR to keep bleeding them regularly without anaesthesia.

The Camp Beagle Team