2 IMPEX Death Vans Collect Puppy Cargo from MBR Acres

Today, Thursday 7th September 2023, at approximately 10.45pm two IMPEX Death Vans entered MBR Acres to collect their cargo of innocent beagle puppies.

It is never easy for Camp Beagle to witness the event but in reality it is all that they can do.

A combination of the High Court injunction zone, Police presence forbids any direct action – even throwing flowers at the vans as a mark of respect to the dogs is seen as a criminal offence. (What would have happened at Princess Diana’s funeral where the general public were throwing ‘Flower Missiles’?)

We hope that viewing the live video footage below will prompt you to email your MP for gain their support when the Petition in debated in Parliament so that the outdated practice of using animals in Labs is destined for the history books.

The Camp Beagle Team