Labcorp – The Biggest Employer in Huntingdon which few locals know of

Imagine if an employer in your town or city employed over 1,200 staff, is by far the biggest employer in the town or city,  wouldn’t you expect it to be all over the local press singing their praises?

At a time of the year when companies promote the fact that Graduates, fresh out of University, are employed in their company ask yourself why doesn’t Labcorpse (Labcorp) do this self praising PR?

Below is exclusive video footage taken Saturday 2nd September 2023 which highlights the sheer size of the Labcorpse operation nestled in the beautiful Cambridgeshire Countryside out of the way of prying eyes.


Warning: The video contains footage of beagles being tortured, from 1:17, which people of a nervous disposition should avoid watching.

The Camp Beagle Team

One thought on “Labcorp – The Biggest Employer in Huntingdon which few locals know of

  1. That bastard Robert what’s sacking shaking that poor puppy, and then punching it, all because it was to young to have a needle put in its vein. I don’t honestly now how you can treat dogs like this. Hope you enjoy spending your blood money. Let’s hope karma catches up with you all.

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