New Artwork Donated to Camp Beagle

Once in a while something magical and amazing happens at Camp Beagle.

This week we were delighted to welcome Ben the amazing artist who spent 3 days creating a bespoke artwork piece at Camp Beagle.

Mere photographs do not do the artwork justice it is something that needs to be admired in person to truly appreciate the quality and precision of the painting which was created using car spray paints.

Thanks Ben you are an amazing artist and an exceptional talent which we are sure that you know already.

The Camp Beagle Team

To view the photographs full size simply click on the thumbnail.

To see more of Ben’s amazing creations head over to instagram and search for @farmboypaints

In due course, to reflect the quality of the artwork, we will be creating a series of ‘one-off’ T-Shirts and stickers so watch this space.

All Images are Copyright @farmboypaints and @campbeagle