Camp Beagle Petition 100,000 Target Smashed – Now Email Your MP

Target Smashed – Time to Email Your MP!

Our current petition is now being considered for debate in parliament, which could be scheduled with just a couple of weeks’ notice. It is now vital you use our semi-automatic MP email button below to urge your local MP to attend the debate. MPs are duty bound to respond to their local constituents.

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The Manual Email Method

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  2. Open a new email on your device.
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  4. Enter the Subject: Animal Testing Petition Debate.
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Print It Off and Post It

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My Name:

My Postcode:

Dear MP,

As one of your constituents I am writing to advise you of a parliamentary petition I am supporting and to request that you represent me if it is debated. The petition closes on the 8th of September and at the time of writing has in excess of 108,000 signatures;

Summary Evidence Document

The Governments’ predictable response to the petition disappointingly fails to address its main premise and is both misleading and misrepresentative of the truth. I urge you to look at the findings presented in the linked Summary Evidence Document and fact check yourself rather than accepting your political party centralized research narrative. This cause is building in both support and the growing body of evidence that demands Government urgent scrutiny and not just the same rote reply issued time and time again.

The use of animals, including dogs, by the BioScience sector has relied on a shroud of secrecy for decades. Ask your family, your friends; Do they know dogs are still used in laboratories here in the UK? Inevitably their reaction will be shock and horror. The majority of people believe that dog use ceased after the scandal of the ‘smoking beagles’ came to light in the seventies. The tobacco industry used the results that Beagles (and other animals) do not get cancer from smoking to perpetuate the narrative that ‘smoking is safe’ and to this day, people continue to die and suffer the consequences that inhaling cigarette smoke causes. Animal testing was in fact used by Politicians to avoid taking action against tobacco companies rather than promote public health and here we are, decades later, doing the same for pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Camp Beagle, as the name suggests, is a camp outside of MBR Acres Ltd, in Huntingdon Cambridgeshire. They have peacefully maintained a presence for over two years outside this compound where Beagle dogs are bred for sale to contract research organisations, like Labcorp, Sequani and Charles River, to be used in regulatory repeat dose toxicity tests. Their campaign is far reaching and now has the support of key influencers and high-profile celebrities with a combined reach of over 27 million followers, yes you read that correctly – 27 million – which will include millions of British voters. As awareness builds, many people will demand to know what action the Government has taken. By the time we reach a General Election I believe that animals in science and in particular dogs and toxicity will be a factor in the public’s voting decisions.

I would very much appreciate it if you could spare some time to read the following summary and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will arrange for a response from one of the supporting team of experts. If you could acknowledge receipt of this letter that would also be greatly appreciated. Once this petition is timetabled for a debate I will contact you again, until then thank you for your time, interest and support in this vital matter.

Summary Evidence Document

Yours sincerely.