A Dog’s Life Depends on what side of the Fence they are Born on

Imagine the contrast of a dogs life – depending which side of the barbed wired fence they are born on at the hell hole called MBR Acres dictates their early days and ultimately their life’s outcome.

The ‘Right’ side of The Fence: having,

– a name, Its own food bowl, a collar and its own comfy bed.

 – a loving, caring family

 –  walks, the sun on their backs and the feel of grass under their paws

– a long an happy life

The ‘Wrong’ Side of the Fence: having

– Noisy cramped environment

 – Minimal human interaction

 – No walks, love, attention or even seeing the sky let alone walking on grass

 – a short, painful life shortened with death and torture

I guess we all know which side of the fence we would choose to be on.

The Camp Beagle Team