MBR Acres Announce Company Results (They Aren’t very Good!)

Imagine a company with virtually 100% market share.

Imagine a company that has a relatively cheap product to produce and has a high profit margin.

Playing devils advocate  it could be deemed that MBR Acres has the perfect business model – apart from one thing…….

The presence of Camp Beagle.

Camp Beagle is MBR Acres’ worst nightmare plain and simple.

Although the Companies House financial statement (Click Here to Download) says in black and white a operating loss of around £800,000 it does not paint the who sorry picture.

Thanks to Camp Beagle, MBR Acres has,

  • amassed £3-4m in High Court costs/fees which is being funded by their US Parent company.
  • a recruitment/staffing Back Hole which, at best, could be described as ‘challenging’.
  • to employ additional security staff with dogs (Dog Traitors as Camp refer to them as being)

And all this from a Grass Roots Protest Group pitched up 24/7 363 days a year on a Cambridgeshire B Road!

The question is how long can MBR Acres survive?

It is only with the financial backing of their Parent Company, Marshall BioResources,  that MBR Acres can still continue to ‘trade’ in Beagle commodities.

It has often been reported that each Country where Marshall BioResources operate in they have their own cost centre – ie responsible for their own profit and loss.

So Scott Marshall what’s your plan? 

Chuck the towel in because those pesky Camp Beagle Supporters forced you out?

Whatever you decide Scott rest assured that Camp Beagle will continue to be a major thorn in your side until each cage is empty – then perhaps our work outside the Gates of Hell will have been completed.

The Camp Beagle Team