Leading Vivisection Company Charles River Share Price Drops :)

The whole world, except for the folk who work in the industry, are slowly but surely waking up to the fact that Animal Testing is outdated, cruel and pointless.

The Financial markets pick up on various things such as bad press, Joe Public’s perception and the long term financial stability of an industry to name but a few.

Imagine the Market’s response when the bad press about Charles River using animals, to include Beagles, being shipped to the UK for testing. (or as we like to say when the sh*t hits the fan).

The markets responded by making their shares almost toxic (poor choice of the word ‘Toxic’ as their industry depends on Beagles being force fed Toxic products)

So it is will deep regret…. (Yeah right) to inform our many supporters of Camp Beagle that the Share price of Charles River is falling and probably on the verge of collapse.

Oh dear…….

Charles River’s share price plummets as the Feds are on their case.

As the North London warbler Adele sang “and the whole world is on your case”.

The days of operating under a cloak of secrecy are well and truly over.

The Camp Beagle Team