IMPEX Death Van Leaves MBR With Beagle Puppy Cargo

An IMPEX Death van left MBR Acres at approximately 12.00 midday today (Wednesday 23rd August 2023) – Intelligence confirmed that the consignment went to LabCorpse, Huntingdon.

It does not get any easier bearing witness to the IMPEX vans – Each and every time a Van leaves MBR Acres generates heightened anger and hatred towards IMPEX, Marshall Bioresources and the vivisection industry itself.

Slowly but surely the tide of public opinion is changing – people are speaking out loud and proud against the evil vivisection industry – people are becoming wise that there are practical, modern alternatives to animal testing  – the public voice is a powerful voice that changes legislation and ultimately history.

So even getting to the magical 100,000 signature mark with our petition the fight continues 24/7 – our work is ongoing and will be only stop when animal testing is in the history books.

The Camp Beagle Team