Government Petition to End Animal Testing – We Smashed it

At 7.02pm Wednesday 23rd August 2023 Camp Beagle achieved its goal of 100,000+ signatures on the ‘End the use of animals for toxicity tests’ petition.

Our grateful and sincere thanks go to each and everyone who signed the petition, shared the petition, did outreach to obtain signatures for the petition, spoke to friends and family about the petition – the list goes on.

But lets celebrate for a brief moment – only a brief moment – the hard work starts again – MPs need to be lobbied in readiness to attend the Government Debate –  let your voice be heard.

We will be updating you with the next action points over the next few days – we rely on the support of our followers – we make no apologies for asking yet again in the safe knowledge that you have never let us down.

The fight continues

The Camp Beagle Team