Camp Beagle Spreading the Word to LUSH

Camp Beagle works closely with numerous external campaigns and companies to promote and educate the plight of the MBR Beagles; it is a strategy which has produced valuable results for our campaign.

Recently Camp Beagle participated in a conference with Vegan cosmetics retailer LUSH at which Camp took centre stage to inform and educate fellow campaigners and LUSH staff of Camps many successes, future plans and our ultimate goal of closing MBR Acres for good.

Location: Fazeley Studios, Deritend, Birmingham.

Why?  To give Lush employees in the Midlands area an insight into the groups it supports through the charity pot weekends. When offering the pot at the till they can inform the customer what the group stands for and what the aims of the group are.

Camp Beagle was chosen to represent an Animal Rights group that has been supported through Lush’s charity pots and grants.

Outcome. Lush donated donate £100 to Camp Beagle, and Birmingham and Merryhill would like to offer us a charity pot weekend.

Emily, Charity Pot Team Manager at Lush commented,

“Our staff told us the interview was one of the highlights of the day, we hope they’ll be talking about your group with our customers all over the Midlands”.

Praise indeed – the fight continues with LUSH!



Lush Retail Ltd. is a British cosmetics retailer which is headquartered in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1995 by trichologist Mark Constantine, his wife Mo Constantine and five other founders. Lush has 951 stores globally

The Camp Beagle Team

One thought on “Camp Beagle Spreading the Word to LUSH

  1. Cannot believe this filthy company and their disgusting employees can sleep at night
    As you have stated, the bullshit that they put forward for the atrocities that they commit for no valid purposes staggers me and obviously most people who are informed by your stories.
    Keep up the brilliant work guys, and the sooner this company and sites are shut down the better, obviously.
    Cannot believe how badly humans treat other critters on this planet.
    Every other creature should join together and take us out, but unfortunately the other animals are too “humane”.
    Ironic as that seems

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