Amount of Home Office Licences Issued for Animal Testing since 2018

The total number of Home Office Licences Issued for Animal Experiments/Torture.

The Home Office publishes very limited and redacted information on the licences it regularly grants to the likes of LabCorp. Charles River, Sequani.

Every three months Non Technical Summaries (NTS) for each of the licences granted by the Home Office are published which details the quantity of animals by species licenced for testing.

Every time the NTS are published the number of animals for each species have been recorded; This painstaking churning of data has now been completed for 2018 to September 2023. – Camp Beagle is grateful to the Supporter who compiled the data. 

The Home Office has granted licences for over 50 different types of species, including over 53,000 beagles, nearly 45,000 primates, and the staggering figure of 33 million mice.

The following table provides total quantities licenced for each species of animal.

Please share and raise awareness for the animals suffering at breeding sites and laboratories across the country.

The Camp Beagle Team

2 thoughts on “Amount of Home Office Licences Issued for Animal Testing since 2018

  1. James Cleverly, I hope you are hearing, listening and understanding what we all are protesting for.
    These Licences issued by your past successors for the home office must be terminated and notes as well as numerous alternatives of Non -animal methods must be the correct path forward from ALL these sadistic and torturous ancient animal experiments that must be buried with the father of Biomedicine Claude Bernard who died over a century ago.
    Since as shown on this list of animals billions and billions of animals are used in Laboratories around the world all showing the same results after the same experiments and bringing into our world different and deadlier infections, viruses, allergies, disease and pandemics.
    You must stop and listen to Camp Beagle protestors and all the other protestors standing outside all these sadistic Laboratories and factory farms breeding laboratory animals in the UK and Ireland.

  2. They are not experimenting in my name. Never have, never will. I saw vile video that upset me so much, I cried. I had two beagles that died from natural causes. They were nor mudered by mad, evil scientists !!!!!!!! MBR acres make me sick !!!!! Good luck xxx

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