Camp Beagle Winter Appeal

Planning is well underway in readiness for our 3rd Winter outside the Gates of Hell.

So in order to get us through Winter we have come up with an action plan so that we can continue to have a 24/7 presence and, perhaps more important, to make the long cold winter days at least bearable for our dedicated residents.

Our wish list for Winter is to,

  • Insulate our HQ tent with YBS quilt insulation which will enable us to conserve the heating inside the tent.
  • Buy lithum batteries which, although are more expensive than our existing ones, they are more durable and more efficient.
  • Use gas heaters (as we are not allowed fires for safety reasons), and we will require a lot of gas to get us through to spring. (Camp went through £250 per month between November and April for heating and cooking purposes)
  • If funding allows, we will invest in a wind turbine so we don’t have to rely on the petrol generator so much the turbine would be a much more reliable source of power than our current solar panels which are great when the sun shines but almost useless during the winter months when the sun tends not to shine.

Any donations large or small are always gratefully received – as we always say we couldn’t do this campaign without your support

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The Camp Beagle Team