The Reality of MBR Acres – Hard Facts Don’t Lie

The reality of of being a Beagle bred for a short life of torture and ultimate death unlike the image potrayed by MBR Acres via their ‘PR Company’ Understanding Animal Research.

Remember their short lives initially spent at MBR Acres are their best lives but as you can see from the photos, taken by undercover Camp Beagle Advocates, shows what actually goes on behind the secracy of both the sheds and the vivisection industry.

Open skips full of beagle excrement and ‘bedding’ being feasted upon by crows.

The pens in which the beagles spend 24/7; no access to natural light, no access to stimulation just waiting for the next meal fed through automated hoppers directly upon the floor and water fed through metal ‘nipples’.

Notice the lack of bedding material and the conditions which they are kept in.

Imagine if this scene was not beagles but Prisoners. There would be a public outrage and human rights lawyers would be queing up to take the case to the highest court in the land.

Regretably this is not the case for MBR beagles as the only people who stand up for the ‘rights’ of the poor beagles and for the ultimate closure of MBR Acres are advocates and supporters of camp beagle.

We know that the keywod of MBR is secrecy.

We know that Camp Beagle is a massive thorn in the side of MBR both physically and financially.

We know that this thorn being prodded on a daily basis by Camp Beagle is only going to get bigger until the day comes when industrial breeding facilties like MBR Acres are resigned to the history books or, as advocates at camp Beagle say, until every cage is empty.

The Camp Beagle Team