It’s All About The Beagles Never Forget That

Being passionate about something close to your heart is something you have deep within you, something you do not for the praise or the glory, but a simple belief that what you do has a part in changing something you feel is just totally wrong.

Over a year ago, a neighbour mentioned Camp Beagle to me and yes I was shocked, but at the same time eager to do something to change what we all know is wrong.

Over a year in and being local myself and my wife see us as being ‘true supporters of camp beagle’ as we tend to things we never thought we would be doing such as water deliveries, washing and ironing, secretarial services, battery changing, taxi services to name but a few.

Why do we do it? One word Passion.

As mentioned previoulsy, it is not about the fame or the glory, it is all about the beagles and it’s my belief that even supporting Camp Beagle’s fabulous residents by doing their chores helps the cause (and yes myself and the wife are at camp most days with a placard in hand to welcome the workers early doors and waving them goodnight when they leave).

I am reminded each and every day of the plight of the beagles by hearing their screams generated from the sheds, the smell down the side of the puppy factory and most of all the utter dispair and helplessness you feel with the death vans leave MBR with their precious, barking cargo.

Would I ever give up supporting Camp Beagle and just walk away?

Yes I would in a heartbeat.

The day that MBR, via their crack legal team, display on the Banksy daubed notice board that their valued client have seen sense and have ceased the production of Beagles to the vivisection industry – that would be the only time.

As Camp members say every day – Until every cage is empty.


As a footnote when MBR go their Death Couriers would probably go into liquidation.

Wouldn’t be good to see the death couriers carrying a cargo of Iceland deliveries as opposed to 12 week old beagles in their vans?