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UPDATE!!! The debate went very well with all 12 attending MPs speaking in favour of our petition, but as expected the 13th speaker was a Home Office minister unsurprisingly spouting out the government’s view. Watch the debate and see more about the MP’s here.

As the debate has now been held the below is currently no longer necessary, but you can still use step 1 to get your local MP’s email address and write freely to them.

Our pre-compiled email urges your local MP to attend the petition debate in support of its aims, including extensive background notes on the issue. Also, coming from a local constituent (you), it cannot be ignored.

  1. First Look up your local MP’s email address and copy it
  2. Come back here and CLICK HERE to open a pre-compiled email on your device.
  3. Paste the MP’s email address in the ‘To’ box.
  4. Fill in the blanks (names, address and postcode) and click SEND! **

** You must include your name and address to show you are a local constituent.

If the above does not work for you, try on your phone, or an alternative method HERE

18 thoughts on “Email Your Local MP

  1. This place has no respect for animal care the dogs are bred for cruelty till death .Their horror in life is completely unnecessary in this day and age . How can decent human beings allow it to continue

  2. Sent email to my M.P. last week. Will be chasing up of course. Love & support to all. Free the MBR Beagles….NOW!!!!!! x

  3. Email sent . Massive respect and thanks to Camp Beagle for their amazing dedication to these magnificent dogs .
    Free the MBR Beagles 🐶

  4. Horrified to find this happening in the UK. We will & must stop this atrocious abuse of helpless animals.

  5. Sent to Charlotte Nichols MP Warrington North
    Breaks my heart seeing the posts you put on here can’t imagine how hard it is being in Camp beagle, this must be stopped

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