Meghan and Harry Adopt an Envigo Beagle

The news broke today (24th Aug 2022) that Harry and Meghan have adopted one of the 4,000 Envigo beagles naming the soon to be spoilt hound ‘Mamma Mia’.

Whilst some will say that the adoption of the lucky beagle is a massive publicity stunt jumping on the American do-good bandwagon whilst securing valuable column inches and prime time TV coverage anti-vivisection activists would celebrate the fact that at last the tide of public and legal opinion is slowly but surley changing and so what if ex-UK royalty adopts one?

In a celebrity fuelled media the adoption is making headline news all around the globe, ands rightly so.

Imagine the scenario if William and Kate were to do a simalar thing when MBR finally shuts the gates of hell?

Imaging the scenario if even a UK celebrity were to stand up and shout out for the plight of the MBR beagles (Yes we know Will Young stood up for which we are grateful for).

Being at Camp Beagle and being part of the protest group isn’t about individual glory or fame it is all about, in this case, the beagles.

Whilst 4,000 beagles being released to loving homes across the pond should be celebrated what we want is for MBR to shut its gates for good, that the vivisection industry be a thing of the past and to have the ‘problem’ of re-housing 2,000 Wyton born beagles.

is this too much to ask?