Impex Couriers of Death – LabCorp Instigators of Death

Two companies that are well known to Camp Beagle are Impex Couriers and LabCorp or LabCorpse as we refer to them as.

Impex are the ‘Couriers of Death’ as it would appear that they are more than happy to transport anything with a pulse to Laboratories up and down the country to include LabCorpse.

LabCorp receive deliveries from Impex in order that they can conduct their out-dated animal testing up the helpless victims

A Call out went out from our friends at East Lothian UnCaged as they had received intelligence that a consignment of monkeys were en-route between Spain and the UK destined for a UK Lab such as Charles River or LabCorpse.

Animal activist were despatched to likely destinations of the monkeys.

At around 11.30pm 30th January 2024 two Impex vans were seen entering LabCorpse, Wooley, Huntingdon and filmed exiting as per the film footage below.

Note that after the two Impex vans had exited a third vehicle can be seen parked on the driveway – who can that be?

None other than Cambridge Police who are happy to escort the Impex vans before an after their delivery.


Our thanks to East Lothian Uncaged – follow then on facebook – they are the good guys unlike Impex and Labcorpse

The Camp Beagle Team