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Now is the time to email the candidates in your area wanting your vote – let them know how you stand on Camp Beagle, MBR Acres and the vivisection industry and how they stand on this vote winning hot topic .

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Dear (Insert Name of Candidate),

I am writing this letter to you, ahead of the General Election, as you are a candidate in my constituency, to ask for your views on animal testing and, particularly, the breeding of Beagles for toxicity tests

MBR Acres is an establishment, licenced by the Home Office, where over 2,000 beagles are bred, in deplorable conditions every year to be sold to toxicology laboratories and to be in tests to meet regulatory requirements. These tests have remained unchanged for 70 years and are not required by UK law. Toxicity tests on animals are cruel, outdated, grossly misleading and indefensible yet they continue to this day.

I am a supporter of Camp Beagle who has maintained a 24/7 presence outside the gates of MBR Acres for 3 years campaigning alongside other groups to close down this beagle breeding facility. A wealth of evidence has been gathered showing regular abuse and neglect of dogs at MBR Acres. MBR is an American company with a criminal record. They set up in the UK in 2017 after their facilities were closed down by the Italian authorities for gross neglect. The European Manager and veterinary surgeon of an MBR in Italy were imprisoned and over 2000 beagles were rescued from their premises. MBR then moved to UK stating Italy was “too restrictive” and continued the same breeding practices:

√ Dogs are left TOTALLY unattended for 16 hours out of 24 hours on weekdays and for 20 hours on the weekend

√ Dogs are kept in unhygienic pens

√ Dogs have no access to natural light, only artificial light

√ Dogs are never given access to exercise outdoors

√ Dogs display repetitive behaviours commonly seen in captive animals

√ Puppies are regularly euthanised for failing to meet copyright standards: for being too small, for having different colour eyes, for not showing submission.

That’s why I urge you to read the following calls to action and make a pledge to be a voice for the beagles suffering inside MBR Acres and for all animals used in animal research by.

 1. Calling for an independent investigation on the wellbeing of the beagles bred at MBR Acres, and the suspensions of their current Home Office licence, based on the wealth of evidence already available of dog abuse inside MBR Acres.

 2.  Publishing a road map to end ALL animal testing, with the first destination being the immediate introduction of a mandate to use ONLY Non-Animal Methods for all regulatory procedures.

 3.  Launching a financial strategy that stops funding animal research and instead invests in the uptake of existing non-animal methods, and in developing more human-relevant research approaches.

Ending animal testing is hugely important to me, and to other voters, who care deeply about animal suffering. The latest public opinion survey shows concern for the welfare of animals used in research rises year after year. Most people felt interested in finding out more about alternatives to animal research and seeing welfare improvements.

I wish you the best of luck with your election campaign and look forward to reading your views on ending animal testing.

Yours faithfully.


(Your Name)


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The Camp Beagle Team