MBR Acres: Trolley full of Beagles go outside for the first time

At Camp Beagle we report on what we see during our 24/7 watch over the hell hole that is called MBR Acres.

‘Rambo’ – For legal reasons his full name can not be published or revealed

Today we witnessed an Impex van loaded full of beagle puppies leave MBR Acres to be delivered to Sequani, Ledbury.

The breeding cycle and misery machine grinds on relentlessly – after the Impex van left at 11.11am a trolley load of beagles were filmed at  3.10pm being transported from one shed to another, thought the be the ‘despatch’ shed.

It is uncommon for this practice to be undertaken by Staff as the ‘normal’ method is to move the puppies on-site by way of their internal van.

Is this the MBR Acres staff doing a ‘middle finger salute‘ to Camp Beagle knowing full well that they would be filmed and live-streamed to a waiting world so soon after a van load of puppies was despatched to their ultimate death?

Judge for yourself.

Key times on the video below are

 – 0.50 When the trolley full of tail wagging beagles can be first viewed

 – 1.00 Where MBR Acres security, who likes to be called ‘Rambo’ but recently confessed in a Court of Law that he had never in fact watched the films or indeed knew of the character, can be seen playing the ‘hard man’.

This MUST stop.

The Camp Beagle Team