Camp Beagle is Starting to Prepare for Winter

Camp Beagle is protesting outside the gates of MBR Acres 24/7, 365 days a year come rain or shine – FACT.


Protesting outside the gates of MBR Acres is almost ‘easy’ when its 70 degrees plus; not so easy when it’s -7, everything is frozen and you are cold to the bone most of the day even with the Calor gas heating working overtime.

Plans are in motion to prepare for Winter and all that it brings to Camp.

The Lounge tent, which has served camp well since it was donated, needs to be insulated with thermal insulation to keep in the warmth from the gas heater.

Currently Camp has one calor gas heater with another one on the wish list. Honest you know how cold it is at camp when the gas bottle freezes up!

– Based on last winter Camp spent around £250 per month on Calor Gas be it for heating or cooking.

Solar panels are brilliant when the sun shines but become almost useless during the winter months that is when the diesel powered generator takes over.

 – Based on last winter Camp spent around £125 per month on diesel to run the generator.

The leisure batteries have served us well over the past year or so but the time has come for replacements and upgrades; remember these batteries are vital for things that we take for granted like charging up electrical equipment or producing light!

It’s has never been Camp Beagle’s way to hold their hand out for donations; Camp Beagle has always had loyal supporters and, although Camp has never been cash rich, somehow we always have more money donated than spent each month as our monthly accounts will confirm.

So there it is – like our live streams we say it how it is – Camp will always be outside the Gates of Hell 24/7, 365 days a year until the time comes, which it will, when MBR Acres shut up shop.

Although we don’t like saying the ‘D’ Word (Donations) perhaps saying ‘to ensure that Camp gets through winter’ is more the Camp Beagle way.

Any donations regardless of  value would be gratefully received.

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The Camp Beagle Team