The Cost of Providing A Private Security Service to MBR Acres

Fellow activists that have witnessed the Police presence at Camp Beagle when the IMPEX death vans leave would know that it is a case of overkill when it comes the Police to Protester ratio.

In a Freedom of Information Request detailed below it reveals that since Camp Beagle was formed July 2021 it has cost CaMBRidgeshire Police, or the local Taxpayers, £450,000.

Although this figure of £450,000 is breathtaking it is eclipsed only by MBR Acres who have spent in excess of £3,000,000 in the High Court in London trying to get rid of Camp Beagle.





Related to Police Action Days July 2021 to Sept 2023
Officers Plain Time (Who were scheduled to work)£251,301
Officers Overtime£175,527
Mutual Aid (Officers brought in from other areas)£21,711
Other non-pay costs ie Food, hire cars, welfare, vans£466.00

The Camp Beagle Team