Beagle Puppies are always Loud – so why so quiet?

Beagle Puppies are always Loud – so why so quiet? – Last Saturday, 21st  October 2023, Camp witnessed a worker, who is known to bleed the puppies to death, go into MBR at 3.00pm and leave at 7.30pm which is highly unusual as weekend workers only work a few hours.
Camp thought at the time that there was an emergency, but now we have serious concerns.

Every time the vans leave MBR Camp can hear the dogs barking and crying inside even when they are over 100 metres away and even through the van’s insulation.

Yesterday, 26th October 2023. when 3 IMPEX vans left MBR at 2.15pm Camp could not hear any sounds of puppies crying – an activist, some distance from the MBR gates also made comment that the vans were ‘silent’.

Such is the procedure when vans leave MBR activists are informed and directed to possible locations for delivery such as Labcorp – Huntingdon, Charles River –  Tranent, Scotland and Sequani.

At around 08.00pm reports were received that 2 of the 3 vans which had left earlier were witnessed going into Charles River.

Our activist colleagues at Charles River also reported that the vans were ‘silent’.

Departing MBR Acres


Arriving at Charles River


Having witnessed a worker spend some 4 hours at MBR the previous Saturday was she performing the ‘cordectomy procedure’ (removing the vocal cords thus making the puppies silent) or sedating the beagles?

It is worth noting that the is illegal to perform cordectomy procedures in the UK.


Please send a politely written email to Animals in Science Regulation Unit (ASRU) asking them to investigate this suspicious event.

Please head the email as “Potential Non Compliance Notification re. MBR Acres” and, if possible, send a copy to

Thank you everyone.

The Camp Beagle Team

ps as a footnote in the video taken by our colleagues East Lothian Uncaged the driver of the first IMPEX van was noted that he did not have a seat belt on which we all now, or should know, is illegal (Seat Belt Law