Protest At Labcorp Huntingdon in Memory of Barry Horne

Camp Beagle Protest at Labcorp Huntingdon in Memory of Barry Horne – 5th November 2023 – In collaboration with Free The MBR Beagles

Barry Horne [17/03/52 – 05/11/01] became known around the world in 1998, when he engaged in a 68-day hunger strike demanding the government to hold a royal commission into animal testing, as it had been promised in the Labour’s manifesto before they came to power in 1997.

The hunger strike took place while Barry was serving an 18-year sentence for animal liberation related activities.

But he was so much more than a hunger striker – he was a father, a hardworking man, a caring partner, a hunt sab, an activist who participated in some of the most iconic ALF actions, including the attempted liberation of Rocky the dolphin, and the liberation of 82 beagles puppies and 26 rabbits from the notorious Interfauna (now known as MBR Acres) in 1990.

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The ‘Venue’ – Labcorp(se)

Wooley Road, Huntindon, Cambs. PE28 4HS

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