Your Neighbour Kills Puppies – Inside Animal Liberation

Your Neighbour Kills Puppies – Inside the Animal Liberation Movement

For many people, the name ‘Huntingdon Life Sciences’ will live forever in infamy. In the early 2000s, Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory provoked public outrage, and sparked a resistance movement like no other. Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) knew the struggles for animal and human liberation to be inextricably linked. The State knew that they had to be stopped…

Your Neighbour Kills Puppies tells the complete inside story of this remarkable campaign and the forces arrayed against it. It exposes a murky world of institutional animal exploitation, government collusion, corporate lobbyists, agent provocateurs and police spies desperate to silence dissent.

Author and campaign veteran Tom Harris transports the reader into the heart of the action, through underground tunnels and illicit animal rescues, before detailing the brutal state-led crackdown which saw scores of activists violently arrested and imprisoned.

Please support his new book and learn about the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences. (now Labcorp)

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