Can you be Religious and Work at MBR Acres?

Can you be Religious and Work at MBR Acres? Different religions have different views on the treatment of animals.

Christianity, for example, teaches that humans are stewards of the earth and should treat every sentient animal according to its intrinsic God-given worth, and not according to its usefulness to human beings.

Buddhism is known to be a religion that practices and promotes peace for both human and non-human animals. Hinduism also teaches respect for all living beings and the concept of ahimsa, which means non-violence towards all living things.

Islam also teaches compassion and kindness towards animals. In fact, cruelty towards animals is considered a sin in Islam. The Quran and guidance from the Prophet Muhammad, as recorded in the hadith, give many examples and directives about how Muslims should treat animals. For instance, the Quran says that animals form communities, just as humans do. The Quran further describes all living things as Muslim, in that they live the way Allah created them to live and obey Allah’s laws in the natural world. Although animals don’t have free will, they follow their natural, God-given instincts and can be said to “submit to God’s will,” which is the essence of Islam.

Muslims are forbidden from treating animals cruelly or killing them except for food. Prophet Muhammad often chastised his companions who mistreated animals and spoke to them about mercy and kindness. The Holy Qur’an states that all creation praises God, even if this praise is not expressed in human language.

So, in conclusion, you cannot be religious and work in the animal testing industry.

If you are of a religious nature and find yourself working in the industry then you need to reconsider your pathway if you want to keep favour with your maker.

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The Camp Beagle Team