The Camp Beagle Talks – 3rd December 2023

The Camp Beagle Talks – 3rd December 2023 – 7:30pm – Paula S. Owen, author of the Little Brown Dog

Paula S. Owen author of Little Brown Dog book will open a series of online talks hosted by Camp Beagle.

The real life story Paula S. Owen will share with us has, at its centre, a little brown terrier dog who was experimented on, at the University College London in 1903.

A statue of him was erected in his memory at Battersea, which had a plaque that read – “Men and women of England, how long shall these things be?”

The statue became the scene of continued conflicts between medical students experimenting on animals and caring compassionate people who stood against cruelty. In 1910 the council instructed the police to remove the statue in the dark of night.



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To live stream will be broadcasted via Zoom – join us and listen to this live talk by Paula S. Owen Sunday 3rd December at 7: 30pm by using the link

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