So what does Camp Beagle Mean to Protesters?

So what does Camp Beagle Mean to Protesters? How passionate do they get about Camp Beagle and how has it changed their lives?

Back in June 2021 I first found out about a protest close to where I live called Camp Beagle.

I first attended Camp Beagle shortly after, spoke to many people and learnt of the abhorrent atrocities that happened behind the razor wired fence. Little did I know then how the Camp would change my life forever  – for the good I hasten to add.

Protests  are a waste of time and in any case only tree huggers do them…..

In all of my years on God’s green earth not once have I felt inclined to go on a protest – perhaps I was too blinkered, too wrapped up in both family and work life maybe – or not been so fired up in a belief  that if something is so wrong that me standing up and be counted would change anything.

Fast-forward a few months and you will normally find me at Camp most days holding a placard and shouting at MBR’s workers how they are part of the vivisection problem.

What’s the point of having a BBQ without a T Bone steak?

Having grown up in a family where the import and export of meat was the family business it is little wonder that I was fully paid up member of the Meat eating club  indeed I am sure that my summer BBQs achieved legendary status.

By chance I was speaking at length to a protester at camp who when she asked me of my plans for Christmas I replied a ‘traditional one with a prized Norfolk turkey and all of the trimmings’.

Without giving me the full on ‘become a vegan’ war cry she replied that she had ‘pet’ turkeys who by their very nature were friendly, intelligent and akin to having a domestic pet.

My conclusion was that it is hypocrisy in the extreme to happily protest about animal abuse outside of the gates of hell whilst going home and happily munch on an ‘animal’.

Subsequently I  had a very enjoyable nut roast for Christmas dinner, our kitchen cupboards and freezer is now full of either vegetarian or plant based food and I can honestly say that I the mornings before going to Camp I use the McDonalds drive-thru and order a few hash browns not a Sausage and egg McMuffin!

Again our house if full of’ animal testing free products’ – I am a great fan and supporter of any company who promotes the fact that their products are tested without abusing animals – commercially it makes sense perfect sense.

Although I must admit to become a fully paid up member of the Vegan club may take some time I am proud of what I and my family has achieved in such a short space of time.

An added bonus is apparently our weekly food bill has reduced significantly; I may have to check this again over the next few months as it would appear that the savings are being redirected as our recycling bin tends to be filled up sooner with empty red wine bottles!

So what do MPs do for us?

Without giving away my Political alliance I always thought that your Local MP was there to represent you and the majority of their constituents and fight for causes that affect you in the hope that with their help things will chance.

Wrong! In the early days I used to bombard my local MP with cries for assistance when it come to signing the EDM175 and getting MBR closed once and for all.

All hope and expectation were soon shot down in flames faster than MBR Acres workers leave at night.

Even with a carefully researched and written letter the best that you can hope for is a standard cut and paste job outlining the Government’s  3R’s policy and how animal testing plays a vital and important part in scientific research.

We all know that animal testing is a failed science fuelled for by money and mad scientists egos.

I always imagine the scenario of Scott Marshall of Marshall BioResources fame being on Dragons Den and asking for an investment for a small percentage of this business.

  • Dragons Den – “so you sell 16 week  old beagle puppies to the likes of LabCorp for them to abuse in the name of science but how successful are their tests?”
  • Scott Marshall “Well in 90-95% of the time they are a complete waste of time but not let us get bogged down by the figures in any case I have a glamorous lifestyle to support “
  • Dragons Den “and you want me to invest time and money in an industry which clearly has no validity?”
  • Scott Marshall ” Yes but the industry has been going on for ages – the Status Quo will never change – honest Deborah  it’s a licence to print money. At the end of the day they are only beagles’
  • Dragons Den “Sorry but you have as about much chance as Oscar Pistorius getting athletes foot – I’m out!

Your friendly neighbourhood Bobby..

I’ve never had much reason to have any contact with the Police – I guess I’m lucky, I always try to keep on the right side or the law and I have never been burgled.

I now have witnessed some the tactics being used by Cambridgeshire’s Police’s finest – to identify the ‘ring leaders ‘at Camp Beagle and ideally bail them away from Camp Beagle in the hope the protest will go away without the leadership or direction.

I have known of recent significant cases brought by a combination of MBR, Police and the CPC be virtually laughed out of court.

I have met with the Police and Crime Commissioner to ask him how so much time and money are being targeted towards MBR Acres; his response, which is in line with the Police and Home Office ‘cut and paste job’ is to ‘provide a balance between the protecting of rights of  peaceful  protesters to that of a legitimate business’ Somehow I still can’t get my head around the fact that on numerous occasions 30 plus riot clad PCs are despatched to protect the safety of a handful of peaceful protesters at a cost of over £50,000 per month.

So what has camp eagle taught me?

  • That anything directly or remotely connected with Animals being used in Scientific Research  is shrouded in both lies and secrecy.
  • A plant based diet is the way forward.
  • Priti Patel was never ever shocked.
  • MPs only follow the party line.
  • The Police… well I won’t go there.
  • Never park your car on mud at Camp Beagle in winter
  • Beagles should are for a lifetime NOT for 3 months worth of testing
  • Scott Marshall isn’t as nice as his LinkedIn profile makes him out to be

Until every cage is empty

The Camp Beagle Team