One Impex Van Exits MBR Acres with Beagle Puppies

Today, Tuesday 18th June 2024, an Impex van entered MBR Acres at 11.07am and exited at 11.11am with a van load of screaming Beagle puppies.

Immediately the call out was made to Activists to man likely destinations for the consignment, Charles River (Trenant Scotland) , Sequany (Ledbury) or Labcorp (Huntingdon).

We received a call from activists at Huntingdon at 11.30am to inform us that no delivery had be made to them – so likely Charles River or Sequani.

At around 1.45pm the Impex van was filmed going into Sequani and seen leaving at 1.53pm – a total of 12 minutes was taken to load the puppies at MBR Acres to delivering the consignment at Sequani.

This MUST Stop

The Camp Beagle Team