NEARLY A YEAR IN… and Camp Beagle still going nowhere!

Blog of Camp regular and MBR Acres tormentor ‘Local Man’..


Nearly One Year on and we’re still not going anywhere………

I get it that in life there are things you do out of necessity – things happen in both your family and work life which forbids you doing the things that you really want to do – opinions and attitudes change yep I get it.

Camp Beagle is fast approaching the ‘landmark’ of one year of consistent protest outside the gates of hell – some say is the longest animal rights protest in the UK – I’m sure that MBR Acres never thought we’d make it past a few months yet alone a year; in addition I’m sure that the Cambridgeshire Police never thought that they will be forking out close to £750,000 to date ‘balancing the rights of protesters and the rights of a ‘lawful’ ‘Business’.

Things have changed at Camp over one year the most significant being the numbers of like mined animal rights campaigners who actually pitch up.

Why is this? I have thought long and hard about this and come up with many theories.

You aint going to change the law so why bother?

Imagine the Suffragettes even thinking that back in the day?

Camp Beagle, in my opinion, is a slow burn operation. I get it that MBR won’t close the gates, re-home the beagle puppies overnight and walk away from a multi-million pond business.

I get it that Priti Patel & Co. won’t write legislation overnight outlawing the outdated, immoral and unjustified practice of testing on beagle puppies. Equally I get it that the likes of LabCorp, Charles River & Co. won’t change overnight to alternative, superior testing without the use of beagles.


Much has changed over one year in camp Beagle’s strategy – yes we are more dependent and savvy on ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, on social media but what has come of getting actual boots on the ground before all this social media lark?

When people think of Camp Beagle they think of Nato tents, motor homes and placards. It worth pointing out that a colossal amount of unseen work is being conducted behind the scenes, and for obvious reasons, under the radar. Believe me this will play a significant part in the closing down of you know who.

Nah you are all Vegans at Camp….

Before Camp Beagle, and without even knowing, I would rock up at Camp early morning to ‘welcome in the workers’ armed with the obligatory large McCoffee assisted by a large double egg and sausage McMuffin, To be honest no one said a thing but ultimately I came to respect that yes most campers are vegan so now it’s a coffee and hash brown. So what?

One of the many good things to come out of Camp Beagle is community. I have made friends for life at camp. What I am saying is that you may have different opinions and views outside of trying to save the dogs but, as John Curtin says ‘Like Beagle Puppies? Welcome come on in you are part of the gang’. Couldn’t have put it better JC.

If I go to Camp I’ll get arrested…

Back in November 2021 the High Court imposed an exclusion zone around the gates of hell which simply put forbids protesters from entering. To be honest it works well for all involved parties. MBR Staff know that we can’t be in their faces when they arrive or depart, the vast majority of protesters know the restriction and act accordingly, even the Police benefit from it as they don’t have to send van loads of riot clad PC’s to stand like androids twice a day.

So unless you ‘lightly touch a PC’ which in the eyes of the Cambridgeshire Police is assaulting a Police Officer, or blatantly enter the exclusion zone, chances are that the Police will completely ignore you which, in 99.9% of the time, is the case.

Do you know how far Camp is from me?

I get it. Distance gets in the way of most things. But what about pitching up for a day or so or even longer ? You will be welcomed like a lost brother or sister, given numerous cups of tea and almost force fed the obligatory cake normally to be found in the kitchen tent.

Once at camp you will get a true feel on how it functions day to day week to week, get to hear firsthand how loud the dogs actually are and above all realise why so many ‘campers’ have chosen to give up virtually everything to be at camp to protest. Fair play to them.

I guess I am one of the so-called lucky one as I live close to the camp. I say lucky, more ashamed that I actually live in a small town that has such a vile place, After 20 odd years living in Huntingdon it was only last year that I found out that within a few miles of my house there are paces that breed beagles to be sent off to be tortured and also a place, LabCorp, that love to torture beagle puppies.

Boots on the Ground or likes or shares?

My age dictates that I am ‘old skool’ – in my book it’s always best to be therein person as opposed to looking at a screen and clicking ‘like’.

Yes there has always been a constant presence at Camp be in a handful or what I describe as the ‘Camp Beagle Massive out in force – I would urge you to be part of history, part of a national outcry and part of the protesters outside of MBR Acres.

Get down to Camp – what is the worst that can happen! (See above!)

Hopefully see you at Camp!

Local Man