In Focus – The Animal Abuser – Charles River

From being born at MBR Acres to being shipped across the UK in IMPEX Vans what happens to the actual beagles when they enter the laboratories?

We focus on Charles River and their site in Tranent located just outside Edinburgh, Scotland; a glance at their slick website soon reveals the horrors that await the helpless beagle puppies.

Safety Assessment Services

Home to a staff of over 1,000 scientists, technicians, and support personnel, our 44-acre site near Edinburgh, UK features expansive facilities for the development of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, agrochemicals and animal health products, including 112 animal rooms, 28 research grade glasshouses, and 120 acres of fields and paddocks.

Here, toxicologists and analytical scientists work together to streamline your programmes and optimise study designs, thus maximising your budget while mitigating risks. Continued investment in regulatory initiatives such as SEND ensures consistent, timely data submissions.

Acute to Chronic Toxicology

Access a comprehensive range of toxicity studies in all recognised laboratory animal species. Beyond the full range of routine clinical dose routes, our team has extensive experience in non-standard routes of administration and numerous established disease models.

So in reality Charles River can pump the beagle full of toxins to the clients exacting requirements.


Whether you’re developing pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, or agrochemical products, our dedicated inhalation toxicity team can assess the effects of exposure to your compound in numerous formulations, including liquids, vapors, dust, powders and UVBCs. Studies are available in rodent and non-rodent species, from single dose and sub-chronic through chronic and carcinogenic. The team is also skilled in the conduct of radiolabeled aerosol disposition studies as well as specialty neonatal, reproductive, and neurotoxicologic endpoints.

So in reality Charles River can put masks over the noses of beagles and ensure that the poor creature inhales the toxins until they die – then cut them open to see how they died and what effects the clients products had on their vital organs.


Evaluate the efficacy and safety of your parenteral drug formulations with expert design and conduct of robust infusion studies. With decades of experience, our team can help you overcome the challenges and establish the most appropriate method, drawing from our deep knowledge of intravenous and subcutaneous infusion, external delivery systems, implantable osmotic pumps, and programmable micro-infusion pumps.

So in reality Charles River have mastered the dark art of introducing chemicals and toxins to beagles effectively over a number of years from a team who, we are sure, take pleasure in doing so.

The Camp Beagle Team