MBR Acres Whistleblower Speaks Out

Although originally released in August 2021 by our Friends at ‘Free The MBR Beagles’, the video captures a MBR Acres employee ‘whistleblowing’ on the atrocities carried out at the ‘Puppy Death Camp’ on a daily basis.

A word of caution – the video is upsetting – It is advised that Camp Beagle Supporters of a nervous disposition DO NOT WATCH the video.

It is videos like this that spurs Camp Beagle on to raise awareness of what happens at MBR Acres virtually on a daily basis and we will continue the fight against Marshall Bioresources until every cage is empty and Vivisection is filled in the ‘Dirty book of humanity’.

Our sincere thanks to Free The MBR Beagles – We Fight Together.

The Camp Beagle Team

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