MBR Acres – Huntingdon’s ‘Dirty Secret’

We are often asked ‘How can people work at such a place like MBR Acres?’

The daily duties of around 10-12 workers between 08.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday and around 4-5 workers between 07.30am to 10.30pm at weekends, is often referred to by Camp as being a ‘dirty secret’.

A secret which MBR Acres want to remain just that – a secret.

One of the many things that Camp Beagle does on a daily basis is to observe and record the atrocities that occur on the MBR site on a daily basis; and will continue to do so until 24/7 MBR Acres closed down for good and their trade of using 16 week old Beagle puppies as  a commodity for the vivisection industry is filed away in the books of history as being ‘a dirty secret’.

Judge for yourselves would you work there?

But hey it’s a tough job but someone has to do it? NO the vast majority of the UK Public wouldn’t even go to the Job interview even though it matches their job search criteria of working with dogs’.

is it any wonder that there is a shortage of staff at MBR Acres and the recruitment of new staff can best be described as ‘challenging‘.

The Camp Beagle Team