Impex & MBR Acres – A Marriage Made in Hell

At 11:02 on Monday 13th May 2024 an Impex Van was seen entering MBR Acres.

At 11:05 The Impex van was seen leaving MBR Acres.

A total of 3 minutes was taken to drive down from the Gates of Hell to the bottom of the site where the poor puppies were created and awaiting there fate, to load creates into the van, and drive back to the gate!!!

This is unbelievable, you can’t safely and securely load a van with live animals in that amount of time.

Please contact Cambridgeshire Trading Standards, and ask them to investigate the loading and transportation of beagles from MBR ACRES by Impex staff.

The van of Puppies was witnessed by local activists entering Labcorp(se) Wooley approximately 10 minutes after it had left MBR Acres.

CaMBRidgeshire Police, MMR/Impex’s Private Security Company, were seen driving along the Wooley Road towards Labcorp(se) after the Impex van had lleft the site.

The Camp Beagle Team